10 Simple Ways to Transition your Home for Spring

It feels as if Spring has come early to Southern California this year. Our surrounding hills are greener and more majestic than they’ve been in a long time and as the weather warms and flowers bloom, families will soon begin the annual tradition of Spring cleaning. I always advise my clients that “Spring Cleaning” should really be thought as “Spring Rejuvenation,” because for me, this yearly occasion is as an excuse to reinvigorate my home to all the wonderfulness that emanates with the warmer weather.

Here are 10 simple Spring Rejuvenation design tips to help you refresh your home this year:


Picture 1.11. Energize rooms with new vibrant pillows and throws. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when selecting colors and patterns. People always notice these simple accents and small bursts of color and they are among the easiest way to transform a room. If you don’t find that perfect pillow or throw in a store, having custom pillows made with the latest fabrics is a great way to go and will ensure the uniqueness of your home.











Picture 22. Put away the winter bedding. Tuck that heavy bedding back in your linen closet and bring out the lite linens. Even better if they are 100% fine Belgium linen for a luxuriously authentic summer sleep.






Picture 33. Rotate and reframe your art & photos. You will be amazed how just rotating your art and photos does to change the feel of a room. Whether rotating in and out new art or moving your art around from room to room. To really revitalize your collection take the time to have your older works and photos reframed. Changing a frame on a piece of art gives it a whole new life and perspective.



Picture 44. New scents. Your sense of smell is strongly linked to your emotions, and certain relaxing scents can ease stress and help you relax. For spring, purchase some diffusers for the entry, kitchen, bedroom and dressing room. Nina Campbell’s Agraria Air Essence Lemon Verbena evokes the fresh, clear exuberance of lemon-scented Verbena leaves, enhanced with a touch of Caribbean Lime and hints of Rose and Jasmine. Can’t you just smell Spring already?






Picture 5

5. Change out your drapes. Let the sunshine in by changing out your heavier drapes and trade them in for something light and airy. Go for a sheer or textured cotton/linen fabric for a crisp casual look. To diffuse or completely block the summer heat, make sure the drapes are lined well.















Picture 66. Indoor garden. Bring the outdoors in by adding potted herbs in your kitchen. Use fun containers such as colorful decorative tea boxes. This is a great project kids love to take part and help with.









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